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About the artist

Photograph © Paul Buer 200

Curriculum Vitae


Art is Hell © Ann Ireland, CNQ, February 2018

Art is Hell in Welland © Bart Gazzola, The Sound, August 2017
Peculiar Practices in Grimsby and Beyond © Bart Gazzola

Fabulous Peculliarities by Tom Smart (publisher's web site)
Porcupine's Quill, Spring 2015, 80 pages


Review of  Tony Calzetta's exhibition at De Luca Fine Art
© ASHLEY JOHNSON in Vie des Art, Summer 2012


Word Pictures: The Very Rich Collaboration Between Leon Rooke and Tony Calzetta © ROBERT ENRIGHT 2009


Tony Calzetta: Line Dancing © KATE REGAN 2001


Tony Calzetta: Getting to Here © LIZ WYLIE 2001


Paintings about Painting: Notes towards an essay on Tony Calzetta © JOHN METCALF 1989






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