Tony Calzetta's studio sketches which inspired Leon Rooke's texts.

  Tony Calzetta's final artwork incorporating Leon Rooke's texts for How God Talks in His Sleep and Other Fabulous Fictions.



How God Talks in His Sleep



Bank President's Address to Minions on the Eve of the Release of the Annual Financial Report Showing Profits Heretofore Unseen in the World


Cezanne's Muse, Part One


Cezanne's Muse, Part Two


The Ravening Beasts at Fairy Godfather House


Ms Smith Is Hard Put to Explain to Her Husband How She Came to Spend the Night Unexpectedly in Philip's Nightgown




The Scroll of Civilization Survives the Restless Deep, Sights Through Rusted Periscope The Uninhabited Isle It May Call Home, and Navigates Into Shore on a Calm Sea



Son of Scroll


Daughter of Son of Scroll