Gabrielle de Montmollin’s c.v.

  Weird Baby World, Window installation. Niagara Artists Centre, St. Catharines, Ontario
2021  Hear Me Cry, Niagara Artists Centre, St. Catharines, Ontario
2016  We Shall See What We Shall See, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto (CONTACT 16)
2015  Imaginary Friends, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2013  Stephen Harper Hates Me, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2007  Crime Scene, Gladstone Hotel #212, Toronto (CONTACT 07)
2007  Secret Lives, curated by Carl Lavoy and Alison Kenzie (catalogue) Gallery Lambton, Sarnia, Ontario; also Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, Ontario
2006  Un mondo di bambole, Fotographie 1992-2004 (catalogue), Galleria d’arte moderna e contemporanea, Bondeno (FE), Italy; also exhibited at the Museo del risorgimento e della resistenza, Ferrara, (FE) Italy
2004  Bird Women, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto
2003  Miss Milligan and La Belle Lucie, at the dance , Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto (CONTACT 03)
2002  Featured Artist, Zone 9: Art Flatfile Gallery, Los Angeles CA, USA
2001  Train Time Is Any Time, LeBel Gallery, University of Windsor, Ontario
2001  Train Time Is Any Time, Steam Whistle Brewery, Toronto (CONTACT 01)
1999  Carnevale at the Hotel of the Bridge of Sighs, Gallery 132, Toronto (CONTACT 99)
1994  The meticulous construction of the tranquil life of Amazons, Birganart, Toronto
1992  The Fruit & Vegetable Series and The White Series, Studio Show, Toronto
1990  Than Anywhere Else on Earth , Roschar Gallery, Toronto
1988  Stilled Life Twenty Black and White Photographs, Roschar Gallery, Toronto

2020          PAG25, Celebrating 25 Years of Propeller Artists, online exhibition
2020          Mirror Image, Don’t Take Pictures, online exhibition February 19—May 19
2018          NOW HERE (with Michael Bedard and Tony Calzetta), AIH Studios, Welland, Ontario
2018          Biannual Juried Exhibition, Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, Ontario
2018          Color Space: Contemporary Photography, Black Box Gallery, Portland OR, USA
2017          Imago mundi, Palazzo Loredan, Venice, Italy, curated by Francesca Valente (catalogue); also, Onsite Gallery, Toronto
2017          Two Person Exhibition (with Tony Calzetta), Welland Museum, Welland, Ontario
2016          Holiday Salon, yumart, Toronto
2016          genderhow? Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
2016          Members Exhibition, Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York, USA
2015          The Red Head Gallery at 25, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2015          In the Tiger’s Eye, Mehu Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2015          Graphic Narratives, OCADU Continuing Studies Gallery, Toronto
2014          Summer Salon 2014: People, Places, and Objets d’Art, First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto
2013          Mini Moi, Galerie Youn, Montréal, Québec
2013          The Red Head Gallery at the Toronto International Art Fair (with Lynn Christine Kelly, Margie Kelk and Sally Thurlow)
2013          Only Human, Short Photo Story #1 (catalogue), Galerie Anamorfose, Izegem, Belgium
2012          Inside/Outside, Red Head Gallery Toronto; also Blink Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario (2013); ARC Gallery, Chicago, USA
2011          Narrative: the Photographic Image, (curated by Holly Andres), Black Box Gallery, Portland OR, USA
2011          Still Life, (curated by Lori Nix), Black Box Gallery, Portland OR, USA
2010          …and do, and do you like what I do, curated by Clint Griffin, Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto
2010          Bank on Art, (curated by Kelly McCray), Toronto
2009          Fluxhibition #3, FLUXmUSeum, Fort Worth, TX, USA (ART IS HELL with Tony Calzetta)
2009          A Book About Death, The Emily Harvey Foundation, New York, USA
2009          Broken Dream of the Free Body, Galerie Anamorfose, Izegem, Belgium
2009          Feed Your Soul, Art Gallery of Ontario Art Rental and Sales, Toronto
2007          GOOD Editions, INDEXG, Toronto
2006          LO SPECCHIO IN FRANTUMI Donne viste da donne, Galleria Artè, Ferrara, Italy
2006          FE/MALE Identità del corpo, L’Ariete Contemporary Art, Bologna, Italy
2005          Equus, Mehu Gallery, New York, USA
2005          Seno Guerriero Images of Amazons in art from the 17 century to the present, curated by Roberto Roda;
Galleria d’arte moderna e contemporanea, Bondeno (Ferrara), Italy
2004          Panorama, SPIN Gallery, Toronto
2004          That Obscure Object of Desire, curated by Gordon Hatt, Cambridge Galleries, Ontario
2004          Monkey See, Monkey Do SPIN Gallery, Toronto
2004          Parrot Project Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto
2003          Flight! Mehu Gallery, New York, USA.
2003          Tatouage: Sources of Surrealist photography, curated by Xavier Debeerst, Breda Museum, The Netherlands
2003          Wegway 2nd Annual International Exhibition, SPIN Gallery, Toronto
2003          New Members’ Show, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto
2002          The Dark Side of Happy, curated by Robert Windrum, Gallery Stratford, Ontario
2001          A Recipe for Change: Contemporary Women Artists Re-Imagine the Domestic Body, Carleton University Art Gallery,
2000          Arts2000, Gallery Stratford, Ontario
1999          The Passion of Madness, Gallery 1313 (Parkdale Village Arts Collective), Toronto
1997          Whirling Dervishes: Fe-Mail Art Inc., Le mois de la photo à Montréal;
also Women’s Art Resource Centre (WARC), Toronto
1997          3 Canadiens de Toronto à la Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, (with Wally Ballach and Tony Calzetta) Gordes, France
1995          Face to Face, Six Photographers, Miriam Shiell Fine Art, Toronto
1992          Not A Child’s World Latent Images, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto

BIBILIOGRAPHY: Essays and Reviews
2021          Weird Baby World by Bart Gazzola, Curated. The Covert Collective web site
2019          All the world’s a stage: Montmollin’s Dreams, Delusions and Other Traffic Circles by Bart Gazzola, The Sound
2018          Art is Hell: Tony Calzetta and Gabrielle de Montmollin Move to Welland by Ann Ireland, Canadian Notes and Queries,
2017          Art is Hell in Welland by Bart Gazzola, The Sound (August)
2015          Gabrielle de Montmollin’s Imaginary Friends by Ashley Johnson
2013          Art Under Harper by Ashleigh Gaul, broken pencil, Issue 60
2013          Review of Stephen Harper Hates Me by Leanne Unruh, KAPSULA Review 07.18.2013
2013          Nine Shows We Want to See this Spring (Besides Venice) by Leah Sandals, Canadian Art Online
2013          The Fantastic, Fearless and Furious World of Gabrielle de Montmollin by Susan Swan (catalogue)
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published by Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, Ontario
2006          Dollies who are sick, sick, sick by Peter Goddard: Toronto Star, August 5
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published by Editoriale Sometti, Mantova (FE) Italy
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2003          Abuse Muse by Thomas Hirschmann: Now Magazine May 22-28, Toronto
1999          Secret Lives by Kate Regan in Gabrielle de Montmollin (catalogue) published by PRESSWERK EDITIONS

1987          Black and White is Cheaper; director/producer; produced by Capital M Productions
1985          Dishpan Hands; director/producer; produced by Capital M Productions
1985          Winters Past; film editor; produced by McAdam Road
1984          Music of the Spheres; co-writer; produced by Lightscape Motion Picture Co. Ltd.